4 Tips to Find Candidates Who Are Serious About Finding a New Job Soon

If you’re a recruiter or hiring company and you want to find a serious job candidate, we can help you. With the 4 tips we provide in this article, you can find the best candidates who want a new job soon.

  1. When you look at a resume online or LinkedIn profile for a candidate, don’t worry how long they have been at each job in their career. What you want to see is if they stayed at great jobs for a good amount of time. For example, if they were at a marketing agency but left after 6 or 12 months, that can often be the norm at marketing agencies if there is high turnover at a specific agency. As you research, ensure you think about getting good Internet security.
  2. Skip using an applicant tracking system to screen every resume. Or, check resumes by hand as well as using one. Between 10-50% of the best candidates never get considered for positions due to applicant tracking systems weeding out their resumes based on keyword density. Many of these candidates who would have gotten screened out normally from applicant tracking systems are the candidates who want a new job soon but don’t have that one item which is the perfect balance of keywords for an applicant tracking system. Find the most candidates here.
  3. Don’t do all the tests for applicants such as how many golf balls can fit in a 747, unless they are necessary. If there will be specific skills needed for a role, test those skills.
  4. In general, think about conversion on forms and compare that to applicants. If a form is very long or even 10 pages long, some people or many may abandon the Web form. But if it is a short form or a short to medium length form that shows there is not far to go to finish, many people will finish. The same goes fore many job candidates. Many of the best candidates won’t want to go through an extremely long application and interview process if there are other companies who won’t put them through the same long process. It is possible that by shaving steps off of the application and interview process that you can find more candidates that want to get a job soon!

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