Find and Convert Better Candidates

There are a number of awesome tips we can share to help you find and then convert better candidates. With these tips and techniques, you can first find the best people and then get them hired!

  1. To find the best candidates, always start at this page on Monster.  You’ll enter the job title, choose a package, and then post your open position. You can start finding candidates fast.
  2. Decide if you want to allow third parties to look for job search candidates. The benefit is that you “widen your net” and the drawback is that you will have a lot more people to screen and interview.
  3. When you find candidates, decide what items really are important or not. For example, are you asking for skills and experience no one has? Are you asking for items they could learn on the job? Only include items in the required section that really need to be required or you may lose some great applicants.

Make sure your computer is secure and then find the best candidates here.

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