Three Top Techniques for Recruiters Seeking Job Candidates

If you’re a new recruiter, this article can help you as we provide three top techniques to help recruiters seeking job candidates. This article can also help experienced recruiters as well. These tips come from experienced recruiters and also from companies who do a lot of hiring of top candidates.

  1. Build a great reputation as many other recruiters have here. If you build an outstanding reputation, companies and job seekers will want to work with you and you can connect many businesses with job seekers. If you take advantage of job seekers, they may not want to work with you or your recruiting company next time.
  2. Set a realistic expectation on a hiring window for job seekers and companies. If you tell a company you can find them a new hire to start in days or weeks for example, it may not be realistic. If you tell job candidates to put their best foot forward to get hired immediately but you know the company has already taken months without hiring, set more realistic expectations.
  3. Respond to people through calls or email. If a job seeker has spent hours applying to a new role, they deserve to hear back even if they aren’t moving forward.

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