Use Some Impressive Stats to your Advantage to Find the Right Job Candidates

Here are 3 ways to use some impressive stats to your advantage so you can find the right job candidates for your coming open roles. In this article, we share some staggering stats and then ways you can use each of these stats to your advantage when you post a new job.

Employer posting a position on

Employer posting a position on

  1. Every day there are more than 33800 resumes added to Monster by job applicants. With this information, you’ll need a powerful tool to sort through this incredible amount of data. If you use the award winning power resume search, you can get an edge.
  2. Each day at Monster there are more than 8.5 million job searches performed. You can use this to your advantage by refining and perfecting your own search queries. If you use advanced searches and then save as well as track those search strings, you can continue to refine and improve your searches. Someone else may be searching for one or two words and getting thousands or millions of somewhat relevant results. If you’re very specific, you could get dozens or hundreds of very precise and relevant results!
  3. With over 5.9 million jobs viewed each day, applicants have a huge amount of data to digest and scan through. Many job applicants end up applying to positions that aren’t a fit since they are so tired of trying to find the right positions. If you post precise and concise positions, you will get a better list of applicants and it won’t include as many non relevant matches.

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