Find and Convert Better Candidates

There are a number of awesome tips we can share to help you find and then convert better candidates. With these tips and techniques, you can first find the best people and then get them hired!

  1. To find the best candidates, always start at this page on Monster.  You’ll enter the job title, choose a package, and then post your open position. You can start finding candidates fast.
  2. Decide if you want to allow third parties to look for job search candidates. The benefit is that you “widen your net” and the drawback is that you will have a lot more people to screen and interview.
  3. When you find candidates, decide what items really are important or not. For example, are you asking for skills and experience no one has? Are you asking for items they could learn on the job? Only include items in the required section that really need to be required or you may lose some great applicants.

Make sure your computer is secure and then find the best candidates here.

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4 Tips to Find Candidates Who Are Serious About Finding a New Job Soon

If you’re a recruiter or hiring company and you want to find a serious job candidate, we can help you. With the 4 tips we provide in this article, you can find the best candidates who want a new job soon.

  1. When you look at a resume online or LinkedIn profile for a candidate, don’t worry how long they have been at each job in their career. What you want to see is if they stayed at great jobs for a good amount of time. For example, if they were at a marketing agency but left after 6 or 12 months, that can often be the norm at marketing agencies if there is high turnover at a specific agency. As you research, ensure you think about getting good Internet security.
  2. Skip using an applicant tracking system to screen every resume. Or, check resumes by hand as well as using one. Between 10-50% of the best candidates never get considered for positions due to applicant tracking systems weeding out their resumes based on keyword density. Many of these candidates who would have gotten screened out normally from applicant tracking systems are the candidates who want a new job soon but don’t have that one item which is the perfect balance of keywords for an applicant tracking system. Find the most candidates here.
  3. Don’t do all the tests for applicants such as how many golf balls can fit in a 747, unless they are necessary. If there will be specific skills needed for a role, test those skills.
  4. In general, think about conversion on forms and compare that to applicants. If a form is very long or even 10 pages long, some people or many may abandon the Web form. But if it is a short form or a short to medium length form that shows there is not far to go to finish, many people will finish. The same goes fore many job candidates. Many of the best candidates won’t want to go through an extremely long application and interview process if there are other companies who won’t put them through the same long process. It is possible that by shaving steps off of the application and interview process that you can find more candidates that want to get a job soon!

The best site to find candidates it Monster Hiring here >

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Three Top Techniques for Recruiters Seeking Job Candidates

If you’re a new recruiter, this article can help you as we provide three top techniques to help recruiters seeking job candidates. This article can also help experienced recruiters as well. These tips come from experienced recruiters and also from companies who do a lot of hiring of top candidates.

  1. Build a great reputation as many other recruiters have here. If you build an outstanding reputation, companies and job seekers will want to work with you and you can connect many businesses with job seekers. If you take advantage of job seekers, they may not want to work with you or your recruiting company next time.
  2. Set a realistic expectation on a hiring window for job seekers and companies. If you tell a company you can find them a new hire to start in days or weeks for example, it may not be realistic. If you tell job candidates to put their best foot forward to get hired immediately but you know the company has already taken months without hiring, set more realistic expectations.
  3. Respond to people through calls or email. If a job seeker has spent hours applying to a new role, they deserve to hear back even if they aren’t moving forward.

The best deals for recruiters to find candidates are here at Monster.

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Use Some Impressive Stats to your Advantage to Find the Right Job Candidates

Here are 3 ways to use some impressive stats to your advantage so you can find the right job candidates for your coming open roles. In this article, we share some staggering stats and then ways you can use each of these stats to your advantage when you post a new job.

Employer posting a position on

Employer posting a position on

  1. Every day there are more than 33800 resumes added to Monster by job applicants. With this information, you’ll need a powerful tool to sort through this incredible amount of data. If you use the award winning power resume search, you can get an edge.
  2. Each day at Monster there are more than 8.5 million job searches performed. You can use this to your advantage by refining and perfecting your own search queries. If you use advanced searches and then save as well as track those search strings, you can continue to refine and improve your searches. Someone else may be searching for one or two words and getting thousands or millions of somewhat relevant results. If you’re very specific, you could get dozens or hundreds of very precise and relevant results!
  3. With over 5.9 million jobs viewed each day, applicants have a huge amount of data to digest and scan through. Many job applicants end up applying to positions that aren’t a fit since they are so tired of trying to find the right positions. If you post precise and concise positions, you will get a better list of applicants and it won’t include as many non relevant matches.

This is the best page on to learn about tips, techniques, and deals for employers posting ads.

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Tips to Find Your Next New Hire From

Many recruiters and employers choose this area of to find their next new hires. The process of finding new hires can be easier and faster with techniques we’ve learned over the years.

Hiring employer looking for job applicants online

Hiring employer looking for job applicants online

Here are our tips from the pros to leverage Monster the best way:

  • When you sign up here, make sure you enter a job title as well as location for each position you post. It is sometimes surprising how many jobs are posted without one or both of these pieces of data.
  • Think about the job package you’ll need. Rather than just skip past that step quickly, plan ahead by weeks and months so you can leverage what you will need.
  • Use Monster for more than local positions around the United States. Monster is a global employment site for employers and job seekers, helping people from countries such as Canada and Australia as well.
  • If you buy a 30 or 60 day job ad package, you can post multiple jobs at once. This can save a lot of time!
  • Monster has an award winning power resume search you can buy here to find the best candidates faster.
  • To create a winning job description, you can leverage a free 8 page guide here.
  • Not only can you post here on Monster but also,, and over 1000 local newspaper Websites.

Find the best options and pricing at here for employer and recruiter use.

Recruiter using to search through resumes of applicants

Recruiter using to search through resumes of applicants

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